Welcome to ME Precious Gems ME Precious Gems is a fully functioning diamond trading desk, the department has trading desks in London, Antwerp and Dubai. We trade with rough and polished diamonds from Russia and Africa.

Our rough diamond department has direct supplies from Angloa, South Africa, Sierra Leone, where we have built up many relationships on trust and delivery. We are now the preferred suppliers for rough diamonds to many exclusive clients globally.

All rough diamonds supplied through ME Precious Gems are Kimberly processed. ME Precious Gems is completely against any form of rough diamond trading which is illegal.

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Our Division also trades in unique gems such as The Ruby of Tanzania. Some of the most unique precious gems which are globally recognized are:

  • Cullinan - 3,106.75 carats - 1905, South Africa
  • Excelsior - 995.20ct. - 1893, South Africa
  • Star of Sierra Leone - 968.80ct. - 1972, Sierra Leone
  • Zale - 890.00ct. - 1984, Africa
  • Great Mogul - 787.50ct. - 1650, India
  • Woyie River - 770.00ct. - 1945, Sierra Leone
  • Presidente Vargas - 726.60ct. - 1938, Brazil
  • Jonker - 726.00ct. - 1934, South Africa
  • Reitz - 650.80ct. - 1895, South Africa
  • Unnamed - 620.14ct. - 1984, South Africa